*KUPUNA, in the language of Hawai'i, are revered elders,

grandparents, and older community members


Our mission is to empower Hawaii's KUPUNA

with Aikido-based philosophies to

preserve and protect their mobile independence




Due to issues regarding COVID 19 and public health recommendations, all Safe Falling classes are postponed until further notice.

May 2021:

Kupuna Aikido Joins Aikido Shimbokukai!

The Aikido Shimbokukai is an organization of instructors, dojos, and Aikido practitioners whose common bond is the practice and development of Aikido.


This group strives to bring people together to exchange of experiences and ideas through Aikido training, and to provide instruction and guidance while maintaining standards of instruction and training.


Aikido Shimbokukai is an Officially Recognized Organization by the 

Aikido World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) and the Aikikai Foundation

in Tokyo, Japan.

This affiliation will give KuA flexibility to provide recognized ranks for any interested students in the low impact Aikido class.  It will also connect KuA on a number of aikido clubs world-wide with whom we can exchange ideas. 


These are exciting times!