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Fall Prevention

Hawaii Fall Prevention Resource Guide

NCOA (National Council on Aging): 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

Fall Prevention Checklist (courtesy Francine & cousin): MS Word format - add your own personal checklist items

San Diego Fall Prevention Brochure

Falls Can Kill You. Here's How to Minimize the Risks - NYTimes

Leading Causes of Senior Deaths


Otago Exercise Programme To Prevent Falls in Older Adults (Revised)  A New Zealand evidence based program to improve balance among seniors


Fall Prevention: Balance and Strength Exercises for Older Adults .  Exercises recommended by John Hopkins to strengthen the body and improve balance.​


Kupuna Aikido Safe Falling for Senior Citizens  Video of KuA’s classes and students.


Take the balance challenge to help you live longer  BBC.  Dr Michael Mosley: Take the balance challenge to help you live longer


Mayo Clinic’s Exercises to hone your balance skills  


There are a lot of excellent balance and exercise videos on YouTube.  You can do a search under AARP exercises for seniors.  An excellent video is by the Neurolastic Institute called “The BEST single exercise to improve BALANCE for senior clients  [link to]  For all balance exercises, be sure to have a chair or counter to help maintain your balance.

Safe Falling

The Right Way to Fall - NYTimes


The Art of Falling Safely - AARP

KuA Exercises

KuA Safe Falling Videos

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