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Fall Prevention

Hawaii Fall Prevention Resource Guide

NCOA (National Council on Aging): 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

Fall Prevention Checklist (courtesy Francine & cousin): MS Word format - add your own personal checklist items

San Diego Fall Prevention Brochure

Falls Can Kill You. Here's How to Minimize the Risks - NYTimes

Leading Causes of Senior Deaths


Otago Exercise Programme To Prevent Falls in Older Adults (Revised)  A New Zealand evidence based program to improve balance among seniors


Fall Prevention: Balance and Strength Exercises for Older Adults  Exercises recommended by John Hopkins to strengthen the body and improve balance.​


Kupuna Aikido Safe Falling for Senior Citizens  Video of KuA’s classes and students.


Take the balance challenge to help you live longer  BBC.  Dr Michael Mosley: Take the balance challenge to help you live longer


Mayo Clinic’s Exercises to hone your balance skills 


Fall Prevention Awareness - Balance - Control Drill 

There are a lot of excellent balance and exercise videos on YouTube.  You can do a search under AARP exercises for seniors.  An excellent video is by the Neurolastic Institute called “The BEST single exercise to improve BALANCE for senior clients"


For all balance exercises, be sure to have a chair or counter to help maintain your balance.

Safe Falling

The Right Way to Fall - NYTimes


The Art of Falling Safely - AARP

KuA Exercises

KuA Safe Falling Videos

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