Aikido is a martial art in which a person blends with an opposing force and uses internal energy and the energy of the opposing force to control it rather than attempting to confront and destroy it.  Practice involves a nage (the one doing the art) controlling or throwing the uke (the attacker, or the person receiving the art.)  Typically it includes locks and throws, which requires the uke (receiver) to be able to tolerate locks and pins, and be able to survive a throw by rolling properly or dissipating the force of a fall by other means. Practitioners, therefore should be physically fit. 

Low impact Aikido also uses internal energy and the force of the opponent without use of physical strength. Aikido principles are taught without throwing or subjecting participants to potentially painful holds or locks.  They are gently guided to the mat. Control is more important than dominating by superior strength.  It is therefore ideal for senior citizens or those with physical limitations. 

Prerequisites:  Students must meet the physical requirements of the class.  There are other NO prerequisites.  This class is open to all students.

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