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Please read the instructions first. Signing up for the mailing list does not register you for a class. If you do not receive an email confirmation from Wix, your registration procedure was incomplete.  Please follow the procedures indicated in the instructions.
On the "Add Your Info" page, there will be a question asking registrants which previous Safe Falling Class they have taken. Although this question is for registrants signing up for the CONTINUATION or "C" course only, this is a required question and must be filled in. If it does not pertain to you, just enter "N/A". You cannot move to the next step unless this is filled in and you will not receive a confirmation email. Unfortunately, Wix doesn't have a feature for multiple "Add Your Info" pages so all registrants, regardless if this question pertains to them, will have to answer all required questions (noted with *).
“FOUNDATION courses are for first timers.  The "A" and "B" courses are the same except for the class time.  The CONTINUATION or "C" course, is only for students who have already completed the FOUNDATION course.