Classes are NOT ready for registration yet.  Please come back to this site soon.

First, please read and follow the instructions. 
You can apply for a course by sending email to the location Point of Contact (POC) of the course.  Your email should identify the desired class, time, and location.  If you are accepted in the class, the POC will send you an email confirmation. 
NOTE:  Signing up for the mailing list only puts you on our mailing list.  It does not register you for a class.
**FOUNDATION courses are for first timers.  The "A" and "B" courses are the same except for the class time.  
**CONTINUATION or "C" course, is only for students who have previously completed the FOUNDATION course.  When applying for the CONTINUATION course, please indicate in your email when and where you completed the FOUNDATION course, 
**Low Impact Aikido is open to anyone interested in the course.
CLICK on a location below to find out the kinds of courses, course number, and course times at that location.

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